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Cosi Fan Tutte Le Belle painting by Anya Slonim.j

about Anya Slonim Studios

Anya Slonim Studios is the art studio of the Tucson-based Russian-American artist, Anya Slonim (nee Anna Misko).

The studio is Anya's home and working place turn a small museum-exhibition space housing around 150 paintings - some displayed, hanging on the walls of each room, and some are wrapped and stored away waiting for their turn.


All of the art work is regarded by the artist as her 'children'. This, for a few years, has been the reason for Anya Slonim not having been able to part with some very dear to her works, as she was emotionally attached to them. But this has changed. 

Now, Anya Slonim Studios offer selected works of various years ( from 1990s to 2015) for sale or for long or short term loan. 

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